GetPlayerViewPoint() results are lagged behind actual view

For my first person weapon, in it’s SetPosition() function, I align it with the Controller’s rotation so it keeps synced with the player’s view.

If I use PC.GetPlayerViewPoint(viewLoc, viewRot) instead, the weapons lags behind the actual player view and is not smooth with the camera movement.

The reason I want to use GetPlayerViewPoint(), is so it will take into account CameraAnims, so that I can apply subtle movement to make aiming more realistic and challenging (while keeping the weapon still perfectly aligned to the view).

Does anyone else have this issue, or know why there is this lag?


Try from different tick functions ? of Different classes ? Maybe it does the trick, it did the trick for me in many cases… of this kind. specially in UE4

Maybe you can take a look at UDK | ActorTicking and find a different place to update the first-person weapon.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll take a look at that documentation.

One more thing: I once had to update a pawn’s bone location every tick, and it was always lagging behind. I ended up setting the pawn’s bScriptTickSpecial=true and updated the bone location in Pawn.TickSpecial. That fixed it for me. Maybe that will work for you.