Hey @ all,

(first, my english is not the best so please be patient :smiley: )
today is my first try with unreal engine 4 in connection with c++.

I try to create a small simulation of the earth orbiting the sun.
The earth and the sun is already there and both are rotating based on their “daytime” length.

Now I want to add a pulling force from the sun on every planet (in this example only the earth).
How do I add the “force” which pulls the earth in the suns direction?

And no, I do not need any finished code, keywords would be the best! :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards!

Just as a heads up, be aware that the Physics simulation isn’t enough to simulate planets etc. properly. You need to use the full math based on Keplers Orbital Elements. Believe me, I tried it in the early days of Satellite Command dev.

I recommend using Blueprint to learn the API then rewrite it in C++ when you’re new. It helps you understand where all the things you need are.