GetMovementComponent missing from Blueprints?


I’ve recently updated my Unreal to 4.5.1, and upon trying to get through the 3rd person tutorial on the official Unreal Engine Youtube Channel (this video:, the tutor tells us to create a GetMovementComponent. the only problem is, that particular Component doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Is there something I can/should use instead? I’m still pretty new to Unreal so I’m just following along, and this particular video covers a topic I’m not completely sure I understand.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Try turning off context sensitive when you’re searching for that node. 4.5 kinda borked Get nodes with respect to context sensitivity.

When you created your Blueprint did you make sure it was a Character?, the component is part of it.

Hey, where do I turn off this feature?

@Anadin I’m sure it is a character blueprint, though I see how that could be an error if I hadn’t. Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

Nevermind, I am dumb. I found it, haha.

I am with the tutorial now also. It has a few issues. Like the character isn’t actually lowered to ground zero, and instead is hovering. And the acceleration is set to 2048 which means that the blend state which we invested like 5 tutorials in is rendered useless. And the animations themselves stutter. But all in all its a very educating tutorial. There is an AnswerHub for UE4 community. It is the logical place to place questions in. I dont know why they dont have a link to it through the forums.