Geting Errors, and very anoyed

First off I wanted to use the Dev Kit went to tool and downloaded it, and then ran it and all it did was bring me to a website that said to download it from epic games launcher. I did and when I tried to tell it to download into the ALREADY DOWNLOADED KIT it refused to. I let that little bit of stupidity go and downloaded the dev kit AGAIN.

I load the kit and do as Workshop said and loaded the DinoArena map. After 40mins it was not showing any signs it was loading, no progress bar or tiny loading icon so I closed the task. Reloaded the kit no errors. messed with some stuff hit play a few times (seemed nice) then it froze again (i assume since it was not showing signs of loading anything) and again after 40mins I closed the task. Now I am getting the following errors.

I really dont want to redownload it all a 3rd time.

Also why the hell is the dev kit in steam so big??? if its not even used why are you wasting so much of your fan bases time and instead have it be ONE BATCH FILE that says hey download it here instead!!!

I am about ready to just switch and go play and mod a … Bethesda game :confused:

I have moved your thread to the correct Ark forums … as this is Ark specific.

thanks after i posted it i realized where it was supposed to be but did not see it to move it myself.