GetDesiredSize of Text Widget Return 0

Is it true that text widget in Blueprint, GetDesiredSize() always return zero regardless of any text entered in that widget?

Here’s an unresolved issue as well:

Hello Pelangi,

After doing a bit of digging I was able to find a post with information on this subject. I have provided a link below. I hope that this information helps. As a note, you maybe getting a return of zero because the the widget has not been fully added to the screen when you are calling “Get Desired Size”. There is a chance that calling this on Event Construct will return 0,0 because it is being called before the widget you are testing has been fully added. As a test you can call this on tick to see if you are given any values. As stated above, see the linked thread for more information.

Link: UMG Widget GetDesiredSize() - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums

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This can be remedied by using “Force Layout Prepass” before “get desired size”


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that was helpful

This worked for me in UE4.26 on a rich text block. The rich text block is inside a canvas panel and is set to auto-size and auto word wrap.


// The rich text block to use for displaying the text.
UPROPERTY(Transient, meta = (BindWidget))
URichTextBlock* DynamicRichTextBlock;


UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT(“DynamicRichTextBlockSize %s”), *DynamicRichTextBlock->GetDesiredSize().ToString());
return DynamicRichTextBlock->GetDesiredSize();