Get World Location Not Returning Values

Hi there,

So I have written a c++ blueprint which I’m trying to call an actors world location into by using ‘Get World Location’. I’ve debugged the values by printing them all to the screen and for whatever reason ‘Get World Location’ seems to be returning 0 for all axis even though the pawn is for a fact not at (0,0,0). If I use Set World Location for the same pawn it seems to be working, but Get World Location does not. Is there something I am doing wrong here? In the screenshot below, my blueprint c++ function is literally just exchanging x to xx and y to yy and z to zz for debugging purposes. The class is static so I know it’s not an issue of a different class instance being created.
Any help would be great.

Do you have root component ?

No, would that make a difference? I’m trying to get location relative to the world not relative to actor origin.

I can confirm that it in fact does not make a difference.