Get World Location ( from an actor ) not work

Hi guys ! I have this little issue, so, i play the scene and in the scene are spawned 2 Actors(image_03), a ball and a cube, i want that when i press the button the ball move into a point into the cube(image 02), but in the image 01 the “Get World Location” not work, i can move the ball in other points inside the player character hierarchy, but when i try to get the world location of the cube actor it not work… what i’m doing wrong ?

Since your creating all the assets at runtime i would suggest trying “get all actors of class” node and set the type to your fireplatformposition_BP. that would give you an array of all actors of that class in the level so you’d then need a get node. from the get your could get the world location for your move actor.

Right now the actual fireplatformposition_BP instance your trying to get the location of isn’t defined.

Thank you this is a precious advise :slight_smile: I try tonight !