Get Vertex/Points/Triangles NavMesh


I want to create a sort of influence maps in a FPS game. To do this I would like this maps to have the same points of the Navigation Mesh (or Graph). So, is there any way to get the Vertex, Points or Triangles of the NavMesh?


There is a way. I did it time ago and I’ve forgot how but it is easy. Take a look at this rama’s post and see how to obtain all the polys of the navmesh. From here it is easy to get the center of each poly, vertexs or neighbors.

may i ask ask can i find the center of a polygon using a navnoderef?

I need to know the same!!

A bit late but for anyone else struggling with this problem:

to get the information from NavMeshRef e.g the vertices, you pass the NavMeshRef to functions on the ARecastNavMesh. E.g