Get velocity in character blueprint

Im pretty new to unreal engine, working on my first project.
I have 2 different Montages, at the moment set to “Right Mouse Button” and “Left Mouse Button”. Now I actually want to have both bind to “Left Mouse Button”.
Case1: User jumping + Left Mouse Button → Montage 1
Case2: User walking + Left Mouse Button → Montage 1
Case3: Left Mouse Button → Montage 2
As far as I understand, I have to get the character velocity on the “Left Mouse Button” click and depending on this value play the specific montage.

But how exactly can I do this?

You can check the current movement mode of the chracter, when the character is on ground the default movement mode is walking if you are in the air the default is falling.

To do this you can drag the character movement from the components tab to the blueprint or right click in the blueprint e type get character movement. Then from character movement drag a wire and get movement mode, drag from movement mode and type switch on movement mode. On the switch node you can click the arrow down to show all movement modes you can use to execute your animations.

If you still want to get the character velocity just get the character movement component and from there drag an get velocity node.

in addition to above, be aware of:

converting the vector to a float offers an easy way to perform checks - like maybe you want to only do something if above a certain threshold.