Get variable from external source

Is there any way to easily manipulate variables externally or from a website without C++ scripting.
For example, if when my testers are playing a game, and I want to see what the game would be like with a lower health integer, I can change the health value on a website or some other program and it affects all their games granted they are on the internet, without the need for all of them to update.
The main reason is so that I can lock game access with a password at the beginning of the game that changes every week, to prevent any testers from distributing the game.
I remember there was a website that allowed you to host game variables and communicate it with your Unreal Project, but I cant seem to find it.

If you use “website” i assume you want to communicate with HTTP server, whatever you do with that it does not matter you can do anything. Blueprint does not have HTTP support out of the box and as i heard it’s for security reasons, but there is a plugin called VaRest which adds node for that and it also include (most popular API data format over HTTP) encoding and decoding.

By your wording i assume you dont have much idea how HTTP communication works, other then it makes web browser work. So i recommend you to study first on this topic

I think best way to do it is to try to make some PHP code or something like that, by this way you get a feel on how HTTP operates and besides you will need to make web service for what you trying to do either way