Get variable from actor that is under mouse cursor

Hello everyone!

Here is what I’m trying to do.

  1. In my projet I’ve got 1500 actors (all of them are blueprints with static mesh components).
  2. Also I’ve created a structure blueprint with common set of properties for my actors (For example, each actor must have it’s own unique Name and Volume).
  3. Inside actors blueprints I’ve created new public variable with variable type set to my structure blueprint. Now I can edit Name and ***Volume ***variables for each actor individually.
  4. Here comes the problem. I would like to get my Name and ***Volume ***variables values from actor that is under my mouse cursor.

So, there is no problem for me to get hit results by visibility channel, break results and get actor that is under mouse cursor. But I’m stuck on how to read variables values from that actor, since it is not a specific actor but any that is under my mouse cursor.

Thank you for any help.



How did you solve this? I’m encountering a similar issue, I want the Name and Health Variable for the target under my cursor.