Get variable between actors spawned from the same BP

I’m new to Unreal Engine and struggling to figure out how to do this.

As I’m testing this now, I’m starting the scene and making my character spawn 2 cubes from the same BP by pressing a button. I’m trying to get the cube on top to look at the cube below it with a line trace and grab its value, and set it as another value on itself.

Value1 = 100
If line trace hits object, grab Value1 and set as Value2

I was able to make this work in Unity using Bolt, so i attached a picture of that and a snippet of the UE4 BP to hopefully better show what I’m trying to do.

I have tried casting to this same BP but cant get it to work, or I’m doing it wrong. I cant figure out a better way to try to grab that Value1.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.