Get transform of all actors of class

Hello, I am trying to get the transform of every player start in my level using the class blueprints. So far I haven’t been able to discover a better way, but I am trying to find the spawn locations using the get all actors of class feature. After that I’m using the get display function to get all the actors of the class seperated from the array. I’m not sure if it is even possible, but I just started with blueprints. If there is a better way to seperate actors from an array please let me know. I attatched an image of the blueprint. If it is still unclear please ask me and I will try to provide all information possible. keep in mind I’m a starter :slight_smile: Thanks.

The main idea of foreach loop is not to make this kind of mess, all what you need to do is from “Loop Body” you set the transform… that’s it. There lots of ways that you can do it 1.You can get the index of the foreach loop and multiply it be 100 and add to the “X” of your location that set in the transform, that way all the players will be moved 100cm apart of each other be the “X” direction. 2.You can make a pre made array with spawn locations and get the locations again with the index of the loop etc etc etc.
Hope its helps

Thanks for the fast response! Using the get transform instead of the set transform on the array element instead of the loop body did it. Thanks for helping me in the right direction :slight_smile: