Get transform doesn't work always

I wanted to let the ue developers know that get transform for a static mesh component doesn’t work every time. Ive been having a strange issue when trying to use this node command.
ill explain what goes on and how im using the node.
I set up a trace to detect a chair mesh. It’s a static mesh. I get the transform of the mesh. Disable its collision. Then I spawn another blue print that sets my players transform and handles the animation for getting on the chair. Now this is how I know that something is wrong with the get transform node.
if i have the chair mesh close to the wall. The transform is not correct. But if i move the chair away from the wall it works correctly. I think it’s a very strange error. Something is going on with the transform node command and collision.
i hope this will be looked into. Because I for the life of me cannot figure out why it won’t work close to a wall. The wall has complex collision as simple
btw. Thanks for reading