Get the marketplace extension to Ark dev kit possible ?

Hi i just want to know if i can add tools from the marketplace to my ark dev kit project to get new texture, buildig, rocks, water, etc…

Thanks for your answer ^^

Hi, I bought the Advanced Village Pack and had to manually recreate the textures,and export and reimport the models from the current version UE4 to the ADK, which uses an older version. However, I dont think any functionality using scripting will work properly. Also, you should definitely ask the seller of the item you are considering purchasing cause they can help you out and let you know about compatibility issues. The ADk uses version 4. 3 I think, and the current UE4 version is 4.11.

For models / textures / animations I’ve used the “migrate” functionality in the unreal editor to move content from the marketplace into Ark. Just create a new Unreal project and import your marketplace content. Then right click on the folder, select “migrate” and select the mods folder for the ark devkit as the target. Depending on which engine versions you content is compatible with you may need to recreate some materials but it’s a fairly easy process of opening the graph in the unreal editor and recreating it in the Ark devkit.

Iv tried Migrating many many times and it always seems to crash ADK. Only way Iv been able to use items from the UE4 is to export every piece and rebuild it by hand. There was a thread about it functioning for projects and it suggested to start small with bits and pieces of a project, but in my experience it fails even with an object and texture. Something is very wrong with Mats too as they export as “COPY” or T3D or some-such which seems to always fail on import.

Ark uses 4.5, not 4.3

It does work. The pub mod is from the marketplace. My Middle Ages mod has three different marketplace items in it.

In my experience it’s crashing because of the materials. Export the asset and texture files out of the newer version and import into the ark dev kit. Then manually create the materials in the dev kit and attach.