Get the intersection location of two lines/arrows


I search a possibility to get the location of the intersection of two or more lines. In the picture you can see the point where the green arrows intersect.
How could I do it?Unbenannt2.PNG.jpg

@N-1-K_01 Yup, apparently it’s:


Off you go… :wink:

( you’ve just got the 4 coordinates there… )

hmm and which coordinates? I have only the 4 coordinates of the starting points. Maybe I could get the vectors of the directions.

It’s the 4 coordinates you have , x1, y1, x2, y2… it’s the ends of the lines…



@N-1-K_01 Do you want some BP?

if you have an expample in a Blueprint, of course. That would be very helpful.

@N-1-K_01 Yikes, see this article:

Looks like you might want to find a new way of thinking about this… :slight_smile:

Why are you trying to find the intersection?

Thank you.
I need this point, because it is the curve center of my vehicle.
The intersection of only two of this arrows/lines would also work.

@N-1-K_01 That nightmare code above is only for 2 dimensions!

Why not just put a component at the centre of your vehicle, then you can just get it’s world position?..

Yes, now I got it. I made it otherwise. But both ways don’t give me the right coordinates.

I don’t need the center point of my vehicle. I need the coordinate of the curve center point.

It works! Thank you very much for your help. Perfect

@ClockworkOcean But I want to extend this formula from 2D into 3D…

Dumb question alert… But if the goal is ultimately to find a point in the circumference of a circle outside the vehicle in 3D… Could it be done solely using line traces aimed at a hidden cylinder / sphere / mesh surrounding the vehicle etc?

Yup, good luck with that!.. :slight_smile:

So, it works.


But it is very buggy and I don’t know why. The 2D version works fine. @ClockworkOcean
Here ist my way to calculate it:

@N-1-K_01 Gimme a while, I think you might have it wrong…

@N-1-K_01 Yup, some bits are wrong, I think. Also, to be sure, that top line: Is the dot meant to be dot-product or multiply?..

For sure I think you have ‘a’ wrong in axb.

@ClockworkOcean the calculation gives the right coordiante, only in some ticks is it wrong and not perfect smooth. But in 99% it works fine.