Get the distance between my pawn and the ground

Hello everyone, now my thruster works but its just ON/OFF system . I would like to set them with a variable that dpend on the distance between my ship and the ground (the inverse of square) but i’m not able to get this value wich is the distance between ground and ship . All my values that get out the line trace by channel are 0,0,0 ?

All sugestion are welcome :smiley:

Up ! Am I doing something wrong ?

Is the breakhit result outputting anywhere? If it isn’t linked to an event it won’t update.

Also, there is no need to make an array containing self. You have a “ignore self” checkbox. You should also use subtract instead of adding a negative :smiley:

You could also simplify the distance formula by using subtracting distances and then using “get vector length”.

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Thanks you very much for your answer Dissonancient . My problem was that the breakhit were was not linked :slight_smile: