Get the device resolution

Is there a way to acquire the mobile device resolution using blueprints?

Have you tried get Viewport size in the player controller? Not sure about mobile but it works on PC


Get Viewport Size in player controller not work on mobile. If you need get real size of screen resolution, use Event Receive Draw HUD

I am running into a strange issue. First I am using a kindle fire which has a resolution of 1900x1200. However it is drawing at 1152x720.

I am using Event Receive Draw HUD to create buttons and hit boxes. I am placing them by dividing by 2 as shown in the link. The buttons are drawing using the dimensions 1152x720. However Event Receive Hit Box Release is being triggered when touching the center of the tablet (1900x1200).

Did you figure out a solution so far? I am having the same problem. Looking into the TappyChicken project, they do it with the GetViewportSize node (see image; I just launched the game on mobile and printed out the dimensions - it works). Maybe this helps. However, when I use this node, I only get 0 for the viewport size and I don’t know why.


omg I just realised that the TappyChicken solution works because they use a Delay node with 0.2 seconds before using the GetViewportSize node. Did this in my project as well and now it works. Although this isn’t a satisfying solution for me…

HUD is not existed. As well as many classes at begin play timing.

this post resolve all my problems, just use “get viewport size” and “get viewport scale”