Get Surface type + Complex Collision = Default

When I use “Get Surface Type” on the collision with a static mesh that uses per-poly-collision, it always returns “default”. Is this a bug or intended?


This is working as intended, unless you have manually altered the surface type for the object. You can alter the surface types of Actors and can have up to 30 different surface types in a level at a time currently. Here is more information on surface types: Have a great day!

Thanks, but I added custom surface types, assigned them in the physical materials and assigned those to my objects (I forgot to mention that, sorry!).


I ended up being able to reproduce this effect. I am attaching this page as well as my findings to a bug report for assessment. Thank you!

Did you ever figure out why it only returned 'Default" because I am running into the same problem.

Hi ClockworkDuck,

This is a bug and is currently being assessed. Thank you and have a great day!

I had the same problem. I solved it by filling the “Phys Material” property of the material used by the static mesh. It should solve your issue.

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Great job my friend, this fixed for me.