Get Supported Fullscreen Resolutions in ComboBox

I have followed along multiple tutorials of filling a ComboBox with Supported Resolutions for screens, but it never seems to work. There are no options in the Combo Box. See below for the blueprint and ComboBox.


My apologies if it is obvious, I am very new to Unreal.

You’re doing it right. I don’t believe if fails because of the UE. The issue must be in your monitor(s) or drivers.

I have the same thing in Linux. In Windows this setup works perfectly, but in Linux there are no options, just like in your case. Although I have the same GeForce experience installed both in Windows in Linux, UE can’t get the supported resolutions in Linux for some reason. So maybe you should look into other software/hardware to see why it doesn’t work in your case.

Edit: P.S. My workaround is to check the array length, and if it’s 0, I just populate the combo box with most standard resolutions. I.e. I manually created an array of standard resolutions and I just feed it to the combo box.