Get struct data by name

Hi everyone!

I would like to know, if it possible to find variable name by its name in a struct.

For example, i have a struct with some texts, that i want to display on the screen, and i need to get the text by its var name.

I want to make a Macro, where i can type name of variable, and get the value of this variable in the output. So, right now i have one solution, but its not good, because if add variable to the stuct, i have to change my Macro.

Is there any way to do this automatically?

Up :frowning:

Does anyone know?

Anyone know a solution to this? Seems straightforward but…

I know it’s old, but this: [Tutorial] How to accept wildcard structs in your UFUNCTIONs - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums. You can just adapt this algorithm to do a linear flat or deep search inside a struct.