Get static mesh socket tag?

Hi devs! I think you simply forget to add something at this point. There is no way to get socket tags of static meshes because we have no way to get static mesh socket reference only skeletal one is possible.


Yes, you can. You can add sockets to static meshes, give them a name, and maybe even a tag for that socket, but having the name is actually enough, right?

So can I or maybe I can only add? And this question isn’t about name usage. It’s about tags. Maybe I’m lazy to analyze the name))

Tags and socket names are two distinct features that perform different tasks. Tags are added to objects for users to quickly determine if two different objects should be handled in the same way. There are methods to return tags associated with any object.

Sockets are internal structures to a single mesh and are used to give location and orientation data to a single object. Typically these are known ahead of time or arrays of the names are stored within a class to be accessed dynamically during runtime. You can retrieve the socket names through methods specific to sockets.

May I ask what it is you’re trying to achieve?

I’m glad you were willing to explain things, but this doesn’t deny that there is no possible methods to return tags associated with static mesh socket despite their existence and such possibility for skeletal meshes.

As for your question I’d use it to quickly determine if two different meshes should be handled in the same way.

May i ask you how to retrieve the Tag of a Socket? Thanks.

This question is the top result in Google searches, and I figured out how to get the tag from the socket, so I thought I’d post the solution for anyone else looking for the answer.

Here’s a blueprint if you’re into Copy-Pasta.

My cast is just casting to the Blueprint class that contains the mesh.

It’s not a total solution, as this just spits out every tag on every socket attached to the mesh.

:smiley: very useful