Get Static Mesh name from a foliage

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if there is a way to get the Static Mesh name, from a foliage please ? For exemple with a line trace by channel & a break hit result ? Or any other way.

Thank you a lot !

I think this need more explanation :

I have Foliage on my map (it’s some trees), but i want them to transform to BluePrints (the BP & the StaticMesh used in the foliage, have the same name) when i put my mouse over it :

My problem is that i can’t get the Static Mesh name, to be able to use it has a class name for the Spawn Actor class.

I’ve tried this :

But like you see, it’s not working :s

Try Static Mesh Class Reference. Foliage does not store such data as Actor Reference, but only the Mesh type.

Thank you @MrChebik for your answer, however i can’t connect the Static Mesh Class Reference to the Spawn Actor Class value. :confused:
But it work with the static mesh.

If you want spawn an object at the clicked place, you can create own Actor.


But, keep in mind that this can negatively affect performance if there are enough such singles.

Thank you a lot for your help, but i’m trying to replace a foliage into a bp when i put my mouse over it.

I can do it easily with many branch and a ‘‘string contains’’, but i’m trying to do it in a way that the class name of the spawn actor is in a variable defined by the static mesh name of the foliage. The static mesh name and the bp name are the same.
Don’t know if i explain it well :s

PROBLEM SOLVED, in case it can help someone else ! :

So i get the static mesh name of the foliage, and thanks to “Find Map” (I didn’t know before this function, i’ve found out by searching !), for each static mesh name i match the correct BP, and make it spawn instead of the foliage.

Thank you everyone again. :slight_smile: