Get Static mesh actor by layer or by datasmith import


I am using both 4.26 and 4.27 with datasmith imported content (from 3dsMax 2021)
I am trying to “get” a set of static mesh actors, so I can hide/unhide them all at run time.
e.g. user clicks a UI button and all ceiling meshes toggle on /off in game.

I already have it working via using tags which I setup manually in UE4 after datasmith import of all the meshes.

I would like to change from using manually made tags to one of the following:

  1. Get static mesh by “Layer”
    Layers all come in perfectly from 3dsMax, allowing me to leverage the organisation already setup in 3dsMax
    I found this:
    But this node appears un-createable in my widget BP.

  2. Get static mesh by datasmith import
    Since I am exporting by layer from 3dsMax anyway, then this would also provide equivalent data I could work with.
    I can get all actors of class “datasmithSceneActor” and find the datasmith import calling “Ceiling” but there seems to be no way to access its actors in the level.

It seems like Layer and datasmith static mesh actor data is only available in editor and not at run time.
Is this correct?

Many thanks!