Get started on making a 10-second logo video with Unreal?

I want to make a logo video that is about 10 seconds long. I have photoshop, blender, and unreal engine 4.25. Unfortunately, I don’t have after effects and premiere pro for video editing. However, I thought to myself how about making the video in Unreal since the logo is going to be for a game studio. Now I have already started on the project but is there any difference between starting a new project as an empty game project or an empty film project when you create a new project?

Also, I notice some caveats on making films that are easier with after effects and premiere pro. I have this bird that is going to fly from point A to point B in 3-4 seconds. How do I move a skeletal mesh from one point to another in unreal without having to control it or turn it into an AI (unless that’s easier)? Do I have to animate the translation in blender and import it to unreal which sounds very cumbersome?

Also, change one mesh to another possible in UE4? I have this planet that the bird flys to and it explodes and turns into a black hole.’

Any advice or pointers? I have used unreal in the past for game dev but I never really done video or filmmaking and I"m learning as fast as possible.

you should probably just start off with the learning website

probbaly start with

your first hour in sequencer, and
sequencer training for cinematic production

Oh wow, I totally forgot about unreal learn. I’m totally doing this. Already did this sequence video today and a bunch other. Thanks for sharing.