Get Spline Up Dir and Set Spline Up Dir questions Sline Looping

i use same code for splinemesh.
And come to the same problem like here.
Somewhere are Get Spline Up Dir and Set Spline Up Dir nodes suggested.
Could me please someone tell, how to implement them correct?
When i alter the values manual (spline up), results are not correct.
What are the downsides of this way, to generate a meshstructure?
Is light working normal?
Is there a way to export(fbx) a mesh and remesh it outside UE?
I use that stuff for paths/walkways, made some modular crossings, and places for benches and props.
Now i adjust the roadsegments manually to the crossings/modules.
Is there a smarter way, to do that?

Mod pls correct title to Spline… ^^

Hmm i really do not like that i would need to pay for a plugin, to solve that problem.
I want to use the spline for a camride along it, any “twisting” is bad then.
Why is it so complicated, to make a mesh along a looped spline?
When every splinepoint would have standard rotateoptions, along all axes, it would be easy…
The way without usable spline for that task is way more complicated.