Get Spline Mesh Components

I’m creating a spline and spline mesh components in my event graph of a blueprint. I’d like to change the position of the spline points (which I’ve done) and then update the spline mesh components afterward. Is there a way to get a list of the spline mesh components in an array so that I can use the “Set Start and End” node? I can’t find a node that does this.

So far what I’ve had to do is create a spline component array and populate it when the spline components are generated. When I change the position of the spline points, I have to then go through the array and reposition them with the “Set Start and End” node. The problem comes if you want to increase/decrease the amount of spline components. I’ve had to add/remove items from the array but think my math is wrong in there somewhere. I’ll post my graph if I find a solution.