Get socket location skeleton 4.8.3

in 4.7.6 version was a node “get socket location”, i can add socket to skeletal mesh on my character and work with this socket from node “get socket location”. In version 4.8.3 i try find this node, but all nodes “get socket location” already connected with some other meshes, and field “target” must be connected, but i cant connect it with my character. How i can access to socket on skeleton mesh in 4.8.3 ?

You should connect your blueprint’s Mesh component to this node.


mesh(inherited) ? drag-and-drop from my character? ok, ill try, thanks!

Yes. Also you can type get socket location in right click menu and select appropriate function with (Mesh) and UE will add Mesh reference automatically.


thanks a lot! its work! i didnt know, that mesh = character`s skeleton )))