Get smaller list of Actors in get all actors

1.) Is there a more direct alternative to “get all actors” ? So instead of searching through an Array of X Actors I just specify the exact actor name and it just looks for “does actor with name x exist ?” ?

2.) When I use “get all actors” its looking through all actors available in the game (or even in content?), but I want it only to look through the actors I created or in some cases even only those actors which are currently loaded. I already searched for how to make own arrays, but all those tutorials only describe how to make variable tutorials.

So what I basically want is to add my actor blueprints to an list and then use something like “get all actors from list x” and then select the actor I want from that list ( I guess the performance impact wouldnt be so hard then ? )
Or alternatively, use “Get all Actors” but then tell the BP to only look for loaded Actors.

Hi man
well the get all actors , look only to existing things in the level,

Exist a Get all actors of class too , that give you all actor of a certain class (this already filter so, get all actor of class (magic-door) or (ghost) )

Otherwise you can spawn an actor and give him an actor tag… then with "get all actor with tag " you get a list of all actor with tag XD
( so you can get even different actor like “turrett-actor” “golem-Actor” in a list, because you tagged them “enemy” )

You can also make yourself an actor-reference-array. (to reference the actor reference, so for example you can move them )
or you can store an actor “Class” (this will not give you the actor ref, for moving it, but will store the kind of class of wich is made)
And add actors to the list
you can place it in a persistent place like gameinstance,
so every other actor can read the array and use it.
you dont have to use get all actor when using your array, just get the array + ( get) to spawn or move stuff