Get/Set Platform Name simple question

At least, hopefully this is simple. Created an enum with the platform names that are in the Ctrl+Alt info of the Get Platform Name node. I set that to a string variable, and then check that against the enum list. If true, then yada yada. Ok, this works, in theory. In practice… nothing happens.

Now, I do have this in the Game Mode BP… should it be somewhere else? Player controller? In my mind, it should be in the game mode graph… advice?

How exactly do you check the string against the enum?

Picture is worth a thousand words, or at least, characters:


I copied the BP and variable over to the level blueprint, and it worked as expected. However, it does not work in the Game Mode BP, which you would expect it to be in.

I put it into the character BP, since the only things that will stay constant in the game will be game mode and character. When I use a player start to spawn the player, the BP does not work. If I manually place the character BP actor in the level, it works. Something is fishy :