Get session ping on current player

I am trying to show the ping of the connected player on the current session I cant find any documentation on that.
Anyone know how it can be done?

Here are the code I am trying to get done but it doesn’t work correctly… I need to get the current player to display ping but when a client joint the server its his ping showing up on the server and the client.

You need to use an advanced session to take ping
Here mine in a HUD:

I cant use advanced session because when I try to package my project I got some error… and the code I use can display ping but only from the last connected client. what I am trying to do is to get the current client connected like player ID but my player ID function doesn’t work correctly I can see what is happening, I increase the player ID by 1 each time a new client connect the server so when I start the server the server show ping 0 and when a client connect the server show about 15 same thing with the client connected. Epic Game should add a node in blueprint to get the connected player ID.

Well my player ID function seems to work fine I get Server 0 and client 1 I think the problem come from the UI itself… I add child of it for each character and fill it by the player save game like avatar images, player name etc… it also refresh if a player joint or quit the game. I think that the value of the ping is updating simultaneously on all widget child by the last connection. but if it was the case I should have ping 0 on the server for both and a higher number on the client on both. Now I’m not sure where the problem come from…

I used a Get(Copy) instead of for each loop and now the server show ping 0 and the client show ping 10 its not completely fixed but I’m close… now I need to separate the value of all child widget. not sure how it can be done.