Get screen resolution?

Hello, there! I recently implemented a zoom, rotate and panning with my camera. However, I am having issues with regards to the panning. I used Get Viewport Size instead. Now when building the game, whenever I resize the screen and then I start panning on the right or bottom of my screen, the panning starts mid way. I’m sure this is because I used Get Viewport Size node. Is there a way for me to get the resolution? I found the Get Screen Resolution but I am unsure on how to use it. Thank you in advance.

What is there to know about it? Does what it says on the box :slight_smile:

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Ohhh. Thank you for your reply. Sorry about that! I’m completely a noob in Unreal and currently still experimenting. Hehe


Hello! I hope you can reply. :frowning: I would like to ask something again about the Get Screen Resolution and about my implementation of my camera panning. I am having issues with regards to when I decrease the screen size of my packaged project, the panning would work in full screen correctly but whenever I scale down the game screen, the panning would start like halfway to the middle of the screen.

Here’s my current Blueprint about the camera panning:

I apologize in advance if my Blueprint is a mess. :frowning: I am a complete beginner and I am still learning Unreal. and hopefully in time, I really get to understand UE more. Anyway, is there something wrong on how I use the Get Screen Resolution on my current blueprint? Thank you again in advance!

What’s in MouseMoveOnAxis, what are you trying to do?

Also, it’s not a good idea to feed stuff from ‘then 1’ into stuff from ‘then 0’ in the sequence.

Also, GetMousePositionOnPlatform is absolute. It tracks the mouse on the entire screen.