Get rid of "Static Mesh Actor has NULL StaticMesh property"


I got a BP with static mesh components and an array to set static meshes.
The static mesh slots are empty with purpose, because they are empty data containers, but every time I bake my lighting I get the “Warning: Static Mesh Actor has NULL StaticMesh property”

Is there a way to block these warnings?


@TCBmbw I can’t tell you specifically what your problem is, but I can say that the error is not coming from having empty slots in a BP array.


Thx, if I fill the static mesh components with a mesh, the warnings are gone.I have to set it up like this to work:

Add Dynamic SM Components? - Unreal Engine Forums

@TCBmbw Ok, strange. I usually work with arrays of references to static meshes, and never have this problem. Could you do it that way? ( Naturally you can’t use the references unless you have assigned them to something… )


I want to create a “simple” BP, where you can add meshes and the corresponding materials. I’ve started with static mesh components and an array, but then I got the warnings. Now I’m looking for another way, but I’m a BP Beginner, so atm, more or less, I’m just “hacking” around.