Get rid of post process component created with add post process component node?

Hi all, wondering how to get rid of the post process component the node “add post process component” creates.

I tried the solution here: Enable / Disable "Add Post Process Component" effect in Blueprint - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

while also grabbing the component set to a var and destroying it. See here:

boom function:

end flash function:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Any help with this one guys? D:

It seems what you really want to do is swap post process effect

You don’tt need to destroy and create new component to switch effect. “Post Process Settings” varbale type which contains effect settings is a structure which can be easilly swapped. Make 2 (Or as many as you want) Post Process Settings structure variables and set them up in default variables of variable (you need to compile first to make them visible). set which ever you like to currently use in component using “Set Settings” node (you can only access it via contextual menu if you grab Post Process Component pin)

Crazy that I didn’t think of this. I even had already made it a variable so I could change it lol. Thanks! Also, not sure if you could help but unfortunately this only works on clients, and not a listen server. As in the post process effect doesn’t come up at all. I tried making it happen on the server through another event but still nothing