Get rid of kickback in MyProjectile?

How would I get rid of the kickback in the myprojectile blueprint after I fire it? I’m using it for a TPS. Here’s my shooting blueprint:

The MyProjectile blueprint is left to default.

The knock back is actually an additional functionality which is not part of the default interaction between actors.

Inside of your “MyProjectile” it is adding an Impulse via the “Add Impulse at Location” node in the event graph.
Remove that and it will be gone :wink:

I removed it and nothing happened. Whenever I shoot, my character still moves backwards unnaturally.

If no impulse is hitting you and you are still moving back, check to see if your projectile is colliding on spawn with your player

It probably is, how would I prevent that?

Nevermind, I got it guys, if anyone is wondering where from, here’s the link to the video: - YouTube