Get Ref to a BP in a level Instance

Hi Folks

I have a project where I have 3 instances of a streamed level (all the same)
I want to get a ref to a particular BP in each of the instances,
In either the Persistent level BP, or the Game instance BP

Any ideas ?

I can find nothing to get a ref to an instance



You could use a get all actors of class.

If you need to do this multiple times, it would be best once the actors are gotten they are added as variables in your level so you do not need to use this call repeatedly.

Hi Christian, Thanks for the reply.

I have tried this and it returns a single item,
The best way of describing it is
There is only a single BP that resides on the server, and the variables associated with it can be different for each client, yet I cannot get access to any clients results.

Perhaps a brief description of the project may help understand my problem.

I have a Persistent level, that runs as a dedicted server, multiple clients join and on launch, each player spawns a level instance of a sub level (all identical)
So each player is alone in his instance.
Player 1 the signals a train through his level instance and passes it on to player 2 etc etc… relay play

All works as it should but some of the instruments settings need to be known by the next / previous player

I have tried the instruments in both the persistent level and in the instanced level and as yet have not found a way to ref them as a per client ref
( think I have only tried the get all actors of class whist they were in the instanced level )

Thanks for your time



So if the BP actors only exist on each client, then the server will not be able to reference them. How are you triggering the events from one client to another? You should be able to pass on variables you need to send when you are sending this information, and then just need to communicate those variables to the actors that exist in the client’s world.

Hi Christian.

I have a persistent Level – Lobby;base64

and a streaming level – Level1;base64

The Lobby level BP is;base64

This works as intended, through a dedicated server I get 3 unique instances

Each controlling his own world. “No replication”

In the Single player version, the Instruments communicated via direct BP comms,

In this MP (albeit relay play) Each box needs to know the state of some of the instruments in the next box along,

My intention was to use event despatchers to “watch” the state of the relevant instrument and act accordingly… If I could just find a way to get a ref to eg Client 1…SB_Master_BP — child Pegger

Thanks once again for your time and help…

Paul (Sly)