Get random reachable point in radius broken in Ue5?

I have been working for the last few weeks to convert my project from Ue4.26.2 to Ue5.02. I have noticed that my AI behaiviours are now broken in Ue5 as the randomReachablePointInRadius node no longer seems to work. It is as if it somehow doesn’t recognize my navMeshBoundsVolume at all. I am trying to debug the problem at the moment by trying to move my ai controlled character to a randomreachablepoint in a fairly small radius around the character and having a debug sphere draw at the generated location. It appears to always draw at the center of the character and the AIMoveTo node always returns as “Aborted”. no matter what I do it always returns “aborted”. It was all working perfectly in ue4 and nothings changed so I am wondering if there has been a change in how Ue5 handles AI and navigation or am i missing a plugin or preference etc in my project settings? anyone else having the same issues or know of a solution?

Thanks in advance

Solved! There is an option in project settings under “navigation mesh” called “is world partitioned”. I was testing my AI and other BPs in a small map I use for BP testing etc which is not world partitioned. So set it as false and its all back to normal. Hope this can save someone some time and trouble