Get Protobuf schematics stored in a cooked game?

Alright this ones gonna seem kinda strange and im not even sure if im asking this in the correct place:

I am trying to make a save editor for Borderlands 3. I have found out that they use the Protobuf save format for their save files. Unfortunately ive never used it before so ive done some quick research and it appears that the only way to decrypt a protobuf file is to have a “schematic” of sorts. One that tells protobuf how to decrypt the file and what variable/class is in what place. I managed to contact one of the people that made a save editor for Borderlands 2 and they confirmed that Borderlands 3 is using protobuf and the only other info they gave me was that the protobuf schematics are “stored un-encrypted inside your local Borderlands 3 download”. They didnt specify if it was inside the binary/exe file OR if it was inside another file. The only thing I can think of that it could also be in besides the binary/exe file is the .PAK files(however, ive recently been told that those files ONLY contain assets such as models/textures) Im not sure what to do now though. I have been trying to figure this out off and on for around 3 months now and cant seem to get past this barrier. Any info/advice is appreciated!

Also, I feel like I should note that both of the previous Borderlands games had save editors and still have those editors updated to this day. And I havent found any google-able information on Gearbox(the creators of Borderlands) attempting any sort of legal claims/lawsuits against the creators of these editors.


If they’re stored unencrytped, then they’re most likely not inside the pak files?