Get Projectile initial position on Event Location

How can I get the initial position from where my projectile was fired? I tried getting ActorLocation from my Player Controller but it seems it’s not working as expected, the damaged actor gets the damaged sensed but doesn’t go exactly to the area where the Projectile was fired - it stays +/- half way from desired position, other times it just gets the location completely wrong.

This was done on my Projectile blueprint:


I’m a little confused. You have to specify the location when you spawn the projectile, don’t you?

As for the location it hits, you get that from breaking the hit out.

Can you be a little more specific? Thanks :slight_smile:

Ah, sorry, got it now… you mean where the projectile hit, right? Are you doing a line trace to fire the projectile? You can get the hit location from breaking the hit:

Hello, I want to be able to get the vector from where the projectile was shot as my Damage Event Location, so when I hit my Bot, he senses the damage and proceeds to search at the specified location (which is the Event Location aka initial projectile spawn location aka where I fired :slight_smile: )

So from your link I need to connect the Hit from my Event Hit to BreakHitResult Hit node and then get the Trace Start to my Event Location on Report Damage Event, is that right? Thanks.

How did you shoot the projectile? I thought you had to make a line trace anyway before you spawned the projectile. This would mean you already know where it’s coming from…

hey there !
in your projectile blueprint , create a vector variable, make it instance editable and expose on spawn.
when you spawn your projectile, you will be able to set that variable using the spawn location, and read it later.