get players local orientation to actor blueprint

Didn’t know how else to describe this. But I need to find a way that my blueprint can do a different action based upon if the blueprint component is on the left side or the right side of my player. My guess would be to find local orientation of my player and if x =+1 or more then plat event 1 but if x =-1 or more then play event 2. Am I any where close with this logic? Haha if so how would I go about setting this up. My actor is a wall if this helps

You could use ‘Single Line Trace for Object’ along with ‘Get Actor Right Vector’ to trace out to the side of your player to trace a line out from your players current location / rotation.

Right ok, are they the exact nodes I need to use?

Would you possibly be able to explain this in more detail. Thanks

Does that work even if the actor is on the left?