Get player name from save file for each player on server to create/display on scoreboard?

Hello everyone, I’m having problems on this project I’m working on. This is a multiplayer pvp project that I’m taking part on and I’m facing with this problem for about a week now and would really much appreciate help on this matter since I’m really stuck and could really use your help.

The idea is, on launch, when no save file is present the user will be prompted to enter a username which will be saved to a local save file.

Then, when the user joins a server and a level I have it setup to get all the save files, get the name and display it on the scoreboard, this is where I’m having problems, displaying it on the scoreboard. I’ve done something similar on a chat implementation but cant seem to do it on the scoreboard.

I’ve attached the blueprints I’ve been working on. The save Game is located in a options blueprint, everything else about the save files and scoreboard is being done in the character blueprint. If needed I wouldn’t mind uploading the project if it’s easier to see everything.

What is currently happening is that, I’m using the Steam Subsystem for the multiplayer, and everyone gets the same name, from their own local Save Game.

If anyone could help me I would really be much appreciated because I’m really stuck on this and can’t seem to figure it out,

Thank you