Get player location node?

Is this the easiest/correct way to get and log player location in the game every second?

I’d like to make a visual image of where the players travel in the game ultimately, am wondering if I could just put all the X,Y coordinates in a logging program and let it plot a graph, is there an easier alternative?

GetActorLocation would suffice and you may want to skip logging the location if the Character isn’t moving.

A performance tip is to use “Set timer by Event” instead of a delay on tick. Using Tick in Blueprints should be avoided whenever possible as it slows performance even if it isn’t doing anything.

When using timers you can also stop them and they won’t be using any resources anymore.

How do you skip logging location if players not moving?

Also how would you setup the timer to work as you mention, can you throw up a BP to explain?


Ah ok thankyou for that


I want to do the exact same thing. As a student I am working on a VR environment to do research about sunprotective behavior in an sun exposed environment in order to prevent skin cancer. Right now I want to know what the coordinates of the HMD are and the direction it is looking at within the environment. But I still did not figure out how to get only the coordinate log files in a csv file or tekst file so I can make a visual representation out of that data.

I would love to know how you have done this in the end and hope you can help me out with this :slight_smile: