Get Player Deceleration - What's the Scope?

Hi guys,

I’m working on a complex state machine and I’d like to have some gates determine their state paths based on if the character is accelerating or decelerating (while doing other actions). The image below shows me successfully grabbing acceleration values, but when I hook up deceleration to a variable it says the values aren’t in scope. How/Where should I be grabbing this information?

Acceleration works when you’re moving, but the instant you move your finger off of the movement key they snap back to 0,0,0. My character slows down over time (aka decelerates) so I’m assuming the player’s deceleration has actual values, if only I could find them.

Thanks for looking!

Pinging to front - any ideas?

i don’t know if there is a decelaration system but at least if there no better solution, you can use a tick-like, with three floats : Set “actual speed” = character speed value. Set “accel” = “actual speed” - “old speed” / set “old speed” = “actual speed” / delay 1s / loop. (modified by speed units if needed as you don’t ahve to divide by time as time is 1s in a m/s system). Then you have your acceleration / decelaration value.

The variable probably works just fine it’s just that you can’t see the value, you can set it in a variable and watch this variable value instead. That’s what i do when i want to see a variable value that is not in scope.

Yeah the image is misleading - I had it set to a variable in MyCharacter. I also tried setting it in my Anim blueprint for the sake of trying, but neither worked.

Maybe you can try with 2 variables, i had to do this today to be able the see the variable value, it’s kinda weird. Take float pin set it in the first variable, set ur second from the first, and watch the second.