Get Phys Material/Surface type of physics body using overlap?

Hi all! I have a skeletal mesh with a physics asset. In it, I’ve setup the physics bodies, with a Phys Material override set for each body.

Here in this bird enemy, at the rear region, the blue cylinders should take extra damage. So I’ve placed a physics body tied to a bone, with the Phys Material Override/Surface type being “Critical”.

Now for the player I gave him a sword weapon. In it, along with a collision capsule as the hitbox.

I would like to get know if the sword’s hitbox overlaps the “critical” area of the bird enemy. How do I get that from this node? Or how do I get it at all?

I’ve managed to get the bone name itself from the overlap:

Any idea how to retrieve the Phys Material/Surface type associated with the bone?