get pawn velocity during a move component to action in ue 4.14

Hi guys! My name is Carlos and I am a reasearcher in physics, I am trying to finish a VR experience that allows the player to navigate inside our experiment.
I have a problem right now, I am trying to show in a widget the speed of the player during a “move component to” event in which the player is moved through 3 target points.
Only ofter the “move component to” function when I get to the player the inputs again I am able to see the speed through “get velocity”.
Is a bug on the 4.14 or I am doing something wrong?
Thank you in advance!

What I saw is the the value returned by “get velocity” is the last before the “move component to” action. There is any way to have the player’s speed during a “move component to” action?
Thank you!

I’ve found a way to have the character speed during move component to from the character position in the widget event graph. Here my code.

Hey there, I’m looking to do something similar as well - calculate the velocity of a character when they are currently in a MoveToComponent interp. My project, however, is in C++ only. I’m wondering if you could explain how you calculated the speed above in your BP example so I could get a better idea of how it works? That way I could maybe translate this into C++ myself :slight_smile: