Get Pawn Location On Death

Once my pawn dies from destroyActor, how can I get it’s location vec(x,y,z) at point of death?

Create a vector variable either in player controller or game instance BP, and then call and set it in your character BP right before DestroyActor. Then when you respawn you can get that variable from wherever you are setting it in and set your player’s location(i’m guessing thats why you need it for.)

I am now trying to get this location in my level blueprint, is this possible?
I am calling the SET variable in my blueprintActor, which destroys the pawn, and is the only blueprint with the destroyActor

Ok, if you set and get that vector in player controller or game instance you can access it in any BP so its pretty easy really. Get Player Controller > Cast to yourplayercontroller > Get/Set locationvariable.