"Get owning Player" in level blueprint?

Level blueprints don’t let you use the get Owning Player node (which makes sense I guess because no one can own a level…) But I’ve run into an issue. I’ve been messing around with UI and Menus, so when a player going into a certain “level” something happens to the HUD, open game menu on a certain level, then ingame HUD when he creates/joins a game, ect. But I don’t know how to cast it to that player, if that makes sense; since level blueprints only allow local controller nodes. Maybe looking at the screenshot will make it more obvious what I’m trying to achieve.

Should I be using player controller 0 until the player gets into a game then reassign it?? I’m lost.

I’ve been following these great tutorials for the most part until just now.

Any ideas? Please ask questions to if you need to to clarify more :stuck_out_tongue:

GetPlayerController[0] always returns the local player, you may assume that so you can just use that. Or do you run into any issues by doing so?

Yeah I tried using that but when you play online you aren’t always assigned player controller 0. So say if i save and play, the first time it will work and ill get my ui and all that, but when i play again the controller number is generally different so i get no menu and stuff since it is linked to “Get owning controller in the hud” if that makes sense

I seem to have it temporarily working with getting all actors of class.