Get Overlapping Actors

Lets say i have “HERO” character BP with box collision, and i want to get all others “hero” characters which overlapping box, but i found that “get overlapping actors” node won’t return actors like itself… if “hero” calls this node, he won’t get any other “hero” actors, but if “car” calls this, it will get “hero” references. Is this feature or bug? (**** google not working so i can’t find answer)

I had something similar set up for a weapon pickup. The way I did it was I linked an OnBeginOverlap event to the collision shape and added the overlapped actor to an array when the event was called. An OnEndOverlap event was used to remove the actor from the array.

Hi, thanks for answer however probably i can’t use this setup in my project. I have something like capture-able tower with huge box extend, so if enemy will be in that distance when capture is complete, turret won’t shoot him. I have in idea more workarounds but i wanted to use most simple. Mainly i wanted to know if this is desired or bug behavior :slight_smile:

Instead of doing overlapping actors make an EQS query for selecting list of actors, then set the range as a test. The EQS doesn’t run on the game thread so it is very good performance wise. You can call it in a Blueprint, or a service to run in a BehariorTree, or directly in a BehaviorTree.

Hi, thanks for answer, i wanted to do this but by meantime i got answer from answerhub and when i tested it again, it suprisingly worked…

So for other ppl: node get overlapping actors return correctly all actors in range except one self reference which is excepted. Be careful at overlap settings.