Get original transform from asset

Hello everyone, I’m really new to Unreal so this might be basic or not. And I believe this is not particular to point clouds only…

I need to import a lot of point cloud files, I’m using LiDAR plugin for that. The problem is, I need their original location.
When I selected all the objects that I’ll need, then drag and drop in viewport, the copies of the assets in the world goes to wherever I drop it, and all of them to the same spot, but I need their location as they are originially.


Taking a Street(viewing from the top) for example, with road and buildings on its sides, lets split that street in 8 equal parts:

I need that the files lay down like they would be in the real world(like above), but what happens is that all of the 8 parts overlap themselves in the same spot(represented by the ‘x’ below):

I’m saving them as .las Cloud file in CloudCompare. I assume this file format has these information stored…

I can’t put them manually at the desired position because its real-world scans, so I do need their float specfic values.

Is there a easy way to fix it, or would I need to create a C++ class or anything to read the file and get the float values?

Hello! The thing is that UE Editor place actors directly under mouse position…

  1. This trick may help you:
  • put one of this Actor to Map
  • select it in World outliner
  • Ctrl+C
  • Open Notepad++ or WordPad or whatever text editor you are using and Ctrl+V

Now you have format in which UE copy/paste actors. You only need to read all coords from files and replace this to copy/paste template

  1. Another approach - to set pivots, but that also require to read coords…

No, they will be all overlapping at the same spot.

I will edit the Example to make it a bit more clear

Sadly I don’t have their coord in a easy way, probably they are inside the file, but I would have to read it first. That will be my last try, since it will be more than 80 files (or more). So I would like something more dynamic. Its a pretty big project made with FARO scans…

If you drag and drop them all at once, do they position correctly relative to each other?