Get one word of two lists and make them an own string

Well, there might be a much easier way to do this, but you could always just make 2 int/string maps, roll 2 random ints to plug into the find nodes, and append whatever you get.

There are two lists, Adjectives and Nouns.

On event, i want to get one word of each list and make them a new label e.g. “blue cord” or “annoyed abdomen” - a random generator. (This picture is probably nonsense.)

Any ideas? This is way too confusing for me, especially trying to get each word of a list.

Wow thanks. Please all combinations! They’re 2 huge lists of “all” adjectives + nouns)


I’ll just add that, at this point, it might be a good idea to look at how structs, csv and data tables work so you do not need to manually populate arrays with hundreds of elements and keep the lists in a spreadsheet instead.

Thanks a lot! Can i copy and paste whole lists into the first and second array? I see 3 pins defined separately.

Does Parse Into Array chop up a list?

Agreed but it’s easier to maintain / work a spreadsheet. Or paste the data from someplace else, like a filtered dictionary.

Or do you want all combinations?

This is all combining randomly:

Good point, but it really depends on how much data there is. What’s the difference between typing a list of words into and CSV and an array?

Then you need to combine this array approach with CSV and data tables… :-/

No you can’t :slight_smile:

That’s why you see us also talking about CSV files and data tables:

Yes, but you need a delimiter:


Ha! - use what you have and use SHIFT-ENTER as the delimeter :slight_smile:

So, make the arrays like that and then take the rest from my 2nd BP.

Tell me if you get stuck

BOOM :slight_smile:

That’s so cool. Thanks so much and for all the other answers!



Many strings fire off simultaneously, but they’re next to each other without space

See my answer at the bottom, you have to put an extra space in the append.

I definitely felt the impact. Finally, how can it be limited to print out only one combination? I get a whole waterfall of combos. :slight_smile:

Then we’re back to this: